Invitation to EuroCrossAcademy (ECA) summer camps is based on past results, nominations by ECA coaches, and recommendations from program coaches around the country. ECA constantly monitors the UCI calendar for results/riders, as well as seeks student-athletes recommended by ECA summer/European block coaches, regional program coaches and managers, and training coaches. ECA is looking for highly motivated, athletic, multi-disciplined/sport (with a regional/national level of fitness and cx skills), coachable, aspiring, young student-athletes 14-22 yrs old. Camp selection is competitive, and the overarching goal is to holistically cultivate both an athlete’s development and character throughout the ECA program-process-pathway.



Aside from your parents, coach, team manager, please share one additional advocate.
Best moment (in any discipline); please include who, what, when, where, why.
E.g. cycling, sport, academic, personal, societal.
Some of these entries may be used in a spring 2023 IG (@eurocrossacademyig) post.
Some of these entries may be used in a spring 2023 IG (@eurocrossacademyig) post.
Check camp(s) you are would like to attend. Transportation to/from airport provided only for MontanaCrossCamp. Athletes responsible for transport to/from VermontCrossCamps I and II. ECA will make every effort to fulfill requests and reserves right to shift athletes around to provide balance to each individual camp.