2020 Summer Remote Sessions text

Cyclocross athletes know the adage, “the best laid plans are just good ideas.” Lap after lap, a ‘cross rider constantly adjusts lines and tactics to stay fast and strong in the ever-changing conditions. With the cancellation of our in-person MontanaCrossCamp and VermontCrossCamp for summer 2020, we are making similar and exacting adaptations. Plan A to Plan B. 

EuroCrossAcademy (the new collective link for MontanaCrossCamp, VermontCrossCamp, and EuroCrossCamp) is proud to announce an innovative summer weekly remote platform to share motivation, expertise, and, most of all, community with participants/viewers looking for weekly support, affirmation, and refinement to their cyclocross training this summer. 

The goals of EuroCrossAcademy’s summer remote sessions are the same as our in-person camps (past and future, but not present) in Montana, Vermont, and Europe: 

  • To engage, motivate, affirm, support and refine our young athletes (especially during this challenging, unpredictable time). 
  • To holistically develop camp riders into exemplar character-driven, student-athlete-community role models. 
  • To prepare and develop camp riders for top domestic and European competition.
  • To cultivate technical skills, strategies, tactics, and mental training under the direction of top-level cyclocross pros and the camaraderie of strong, interactive peer support.
  • To augment Team USA’s pathway by providing additional cyclocross performance, training, and enrichment opportunities. 

These weekly summer remote sessions will continue to foster a culture of excellence amongst riders from all geographic regions who, through an application process, are identified for their potential as performance-based athletes and school/community contributors.  In conjunction, these sessions (designed to replicate our in-person camp evening classroom sessions) will bring together some of our best American and (new for these summer remote sessions) top European pros and coaches to share and exchange ideas on the latest training techniques, tactics, and philosophies related to the discipline of cyclocross specifically.

EuroCrossAcademy is also very proud to announce that both MontanaCrossCamp (Mountain) and VermontCrossCamp (New England) are now designated USAC Regional Cyclocross Development Camps. This partnership will provide seamless communication and coordination through all programs. 

Important Note: For the 80+ riders who have already registered for our in-person camps, you do not need to fill out the new remote session application. To confirm your spot, simply complete the Waiver, PayPal form, and send your race photo by email to EuroCrossAcademy@gmail.com.

The new application form on the right side of the page is for camp alumni and new applicants.

Summer 2020:  

  • Consecutive Wednesdays, June 17-August 19 (10 weeks).
  • Director/Facilitator/Host: Geoff Proctor
  • American Athlete-Coaches: Rebecca Fahringer, Allison Arensman, Curtis White; Tobin Ortenblad; and Coaches Chris McGovern and Roger Aspholm. 
  • International Athlete-Coaches: So far, Sven Nys; Lucinda Brand; Shirin Van Anrooij; Niels Vandeputte; Gerben De Negt; Puck Pieterse and more TBD. 
  • Tuition: $100 one-time fee per participant for the whole summer. Via Pay Pal (see link below). Scholarships available. 
  • Format: panel/round-table interactive video conference to include the following segments:
    • All riders/coaches log on 15 min before.
    • Intro/Overview (Geoff): 0:00-0:5:00.
    • Guest European pros/coaches; Specific Topic (see below): 5:00-25:00; Q & A: 25:00-30:00.
    • American Camp pros & coaches; Same or different Specific Topic: 30:00-50:00; Q & A: 50:00-55:00.
  • Geoff will hold the line open to answer additional questions/direct/summarize. 60:00+

Curriculum will include segments of our in-person camp education and feature a range of very specific, focused topics like:

  • Training (e.g. weekly forest cyclocross training; training for power/neuromuscular endurance).
  • Skills Analysis (e.g. “Sven Hill”; “Run81”; Cornering; Starts; Hurdles; Running; Transitions; Warm-Up; Sand; Mud; Pre-riding).
  • Tactics/Strategy (e.g. video analysis—one of our pros narrates [we all screen-share] a specific race lap/key tactical moment).
  • Equipment (e.g. tires/pressures).
  • Mental Training; Motivation (e.g. how are riders doing mental/motivation training during 2020?).
  • Goal Setting/Annual Planning (e.g. how to plan Cx season; selection documents).
  • Nutrition (e.g. pre-race/post-race)
  • Strength/Conditioning (e.g. pro round-table) 
  • Rider Presentation and Portfolio (e.g. resumé, social media, contracts, letters of recommendation).
  • Development markers (13-14 [Aspiranten]; 15-16 [Nieuwelingen]; 17-18 [Junior]; 19-22 [Beloften]; 23+ [Elite].
  • Longevity in cycling, and cyclocross specifically.  
  • Inclusivity in cycling, and cyclocross specifically.  
  • How to build a rider’s local cyclocross community (a charge for all of us)
  • “Routine” for top ‘crossers. The true day in and day out grind of diligent, consistent work.  
  • The American Cyclocross Environment (how to continue to grow)


  • Daily (social media featuring of all registered summer session riders, alums, and coaches).
  • Weekly (consecutive Wednesdays) Summer Remote shows featuring top pros and key American and European coaches and team personnel
  • Weekly/Monthly/Summer-Long Project Challenges: at-home fun competitions and projects patterned after our in-person summer camps (e.g. “Sven Hill”; “Run81”; “Obstacles”; Cornering; Hot Lap PR; Skills plus longer projects)
  • Recap Podcast Cyclocross Today (hosted by Scott Dedenbach) encapsulating each week’s session; released every Friday after the live Wednesday session for participant review and our at-large cycling community.

Four Easy Steps to Join (at any point/all summer): 

  • Click on “Apply Now” (upper right of this page) and fill out/submit.
  • Summer Remote Sessions Waiver
  • Summer PayPal link ($100; scholarships available)
  • Send your best race photo to eurocrossacademy@gmail.com to be featured in our daily summer session social media “Rider-of-the-Day.” Be sure to include your IG and/or Twitter tag info and Team IG tag.

In summary, we are disappointed about the cancellation of MontanaCrossCamp and VermontCrossCamp for summer 2020. The MontanaCrossCamp and VermontCrossCamp experience is shaping and special. But, as with life, we move forward. We keep believing in ourselves. To coin another bike racing tactic, look where you want to go. By undertaking these summer remote sessions, athletes will receive an unparalleled summer learning experience to keep connected, sharp, and focused.

It is incredibly important for all of us to stay connected, support one another, reflect, conduct ourselves with respect and compassion, and embrace new avenues of engagement, learning, teaching and preparation this summer. The cyclocross community is a supportive, local-regional-national-global entity. Let’s continue this collective spirit as we go forward!

Social Media

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We are also proud to announce our Allyship with Montana Racial Equity Project and Scholarship and Podcast Partnership with Cyclocross Today.