EuroCrossCamp has been developing strong American cyclocross riders since 2003 with full-immersion racing blocks in the heart of Flemish Belgium. Under the direction of top experienced coaches, the blocks incorporate all of the key components of EuroCrossAcademy (ECA)’s holistic curriculum, centering on high performance and personal integrity. A daily routine of training/racing, networking and coordinating with area pro and development teams and coaches, group and individual meetings, house chores, group activities, and cultural experiences all facilitate expeditious development for aspiring young cyclocross riders, ages 15-22. ECA’s character-building ethos and collective spirit within a constructive and supportive environment combine to provide student-athletes a foundation for reaching the highest levels of the sport as well as becoming leaders in public service, business, and in their communities.


Vorselaar, Belgium 


  • Fall/winter 2022


  • Geoff Proctor (Director)
  • TBD


Initially, athletes selected to ECA’s summer domestic camps are competitive in cyclocross (and other disciplines) at the regional/national level. ECA then selects from this requisite pool to bring promising riders to EuroCrossCamp for strategic in-season race blocks to gain crucial developmental experience. 7 VermontCrossCamp athletes (2021) were selected to race the ECA kerst-block in Belgium, December 2021.


In all of its programs, ECA offers professional expertise and direction from current and past professional mentor-coaches and pro riders. All ECA coaches are SafeSport-trained and ECA adheres to all USA Cycling codes of conduct and protocols for health, safety, and wellness. 

AJ August charging in the Namur World Cup, December 2021.