Guidance & Advocacy Program (GAP)

In 2022, ECA piloted its Athlete Management Program (GAP) with two athletes. Going forward, ECA would like to open up this critical process management program to 10 interested ECA athletes for 2023.

Given the costs and energy involved with piecing together a well-engineered annual scope, planning and implementation are critical to process. With 20+ years of experience, both domestically and with European racing , ECA’s GAP is designed to meet this specific overarching need for the athlete and their support team.

GAP is a coordinated, collaborative, and consistent program that brings together all of the components for navigating the cyclocross pathway. Each participant chooses the 3-5 people (e.g. parent(s), coach, team manager, teacher, advocate etc) they would like as part of their GAP management circle. Then, a schedule is set up for ongoing Zoom meetings to coordinate and implement goals, schedule, personnel, resources, academic responsibilities, athlete selection procedures, and accountability.

Year-round regular Zoom meetings, in-person conferences at all ECA camps and European race blocks, European hands-on academic assistance, a season’s-end report card from ECA Coaches, and a season’s-end conference centering on progress, growth, and accountability are all part of the program.

Cost: $1000 per year.

If interested, please create an account.

Proctoring a calculus exam. ECA Athlete Elsa Westenfelder; Vorselaar, BEL; December 2021.