MontanaCrossCamp 2024

MontanaCrossCamp embarks on its 12th summer with high-level development for aspiring young cyclocross riders. This summer training camp focuses on a mixed group of M/W 15-16, MJR/WJR, and MU23/WU23. The camp consists of five days of conditioning, cyclocross skills/drills/play training, gravel endurance rides, and evening classroom sessions. Under the direction of top pro-mentors, the camp incorporates key components of EuroCrossAcademy (ECA)’s holistic curriculum centering on fun, performance, and personal integrity. The daily training, camaraderie, and character-building embedded in ECA’s constructive and supportive environment all combine for an unforgettable and potentially transformative experience. The current camp template will follow the successful model originated at MontanaCrossCamp and the UCI Cyclocross Training Camp in Aigle, Switzerland.

Carroll College, Helena MT

July 22-27, 2024 (Monday afternoon-Saturday morning)

Riders are responsible for travel to/from Helena (HLN). Airport pick-up/drop-off provided. Riders should plan to arrive Monday mid-afternoon at the start of camp and depart Saturday morning at the end of camp.

 All riders must be USAC (or another federation) licensed members. All coaches SafeSport-certified. USAC Permit TBD.


  • Geoff Proctor (Director)
  • TBD

Application window: 25 March 2024 – 14 April 2024

Athlete notification: Selection and final decision to move forward w travel plans: 20 May 2024. 

Riders: see Camp Application Form link on main page (upper right tab).

Coaches: to recommend a rider, please send an email to EuroCrossAcademy at

ECA seeks strong, aspiring student-athletes who are competitive in cyclocross (and other disciplines) at a regional/national level. With limited spots, selection is based on on-time application conveying motivation and aspiration; recommendation of potential from coaches; past results (in any discipline); ECA coaches’ discretion; and past attendance at ECA camps.

ECA is committed to a culture where all student-athletes, coaches, and personnel feel deep meaning, a strong sense of purpose, and a high level of joy. ECA programs are open to all applicants, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and who are focused on the long-game: preparation + relationship-building over time = best outcome.

In all of its programs, ECA offers professional expertise and direction from current and past professional mentor-coaches and pro riders. Initially, athletes selected to summer camps are competitive in cyclocross (and other disciplines) at the regional/national level. ECA then selects from this requisite pool to bring promising riders to Europe for strategic in-season race blocks to gain crucial experience. All ECA coaches are SafeSport-trained and ECA adheres to all USA Cycling codes of conduct and protocols for health, safety, and wellness.