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GAP Set-Up Steps
  1. Assemble individual’s “Personal Bubble” (PB).  PB should be the 3-6 people who have the individual’s best interests in mind (e.g. athlete; parent(s); friend(s); sibling(s); coach etc). All PB participants operate on the same supportive level to effectively and directly communicate goals and issues. PB members can absolutely come from outside of sport and, by design, an individual’s PB members can change over time. 
  2. Complete GAP’s interactive forms during the winter/spring for the season ahead. 
  3. Set up specific meeting times and begin monthly schedule of PB meetings (securing any additional resources along the way).
GAP Fee Schedule
April 2022-August 2022 Pilot (5 months): $500. September 2022-January 2023 (5 months): TBD. Pre-pay by check payable to EuroCrossAcademy, Inc. Mail to EuroCrossAcademy, c/o Geoff Proctor, 1822 Dry Gulch Drive, Helena, MT 59601.
GAP Monthly Schedule
  • 3 weekly emails (cc at least one other PB member)
  • Unlimited texts (to include one other PB member)
In-Person (camps and training sessions) included:
  • 2 In-Person meetings: Brief (at beginning of camp) and De-Brief (at end of camp) (to include another camp coach and, if possible, a PB member)
Student-Athlete Information
PB Member 1:
PB Member 2:
PB Member 3:
PB Member 4:
PB Member 5:
PB Member 6:
Other Contacts (can be part of PB above):
Mental Coach
Technical Coach
Physical Therapist
Strength Coach
Sponsor/Team Manager
Athlete Survey Questions
Performance Attributes Inventory

5—Excellent: indicates performance strength; can change outcome of event.

4—Good: indicates consistent performance strength; requires mainly maintenance.

3—Satisfactory: indicates performance inconsistency; requires work in training.

2—Developing: indicates an area of weakness; requires work in training.

1—Critical Need: indicates a performance limiter; requires immediate, focused work.

Annual Goal Setting
Proposed 2022-23 Race/Camp/Breaks Schedule
Submit your competition, camp, and planned breaks schedule including dates, locations, and priority. This is a tentative, chronological schedule to share with your PB. Upload via Excel Spreadsheet with the months as columns and the events as rows.